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Instruction/theory will be in English, Danish or Swedish.
If you only speek english you will get the instruction in Eenglish.
The danish instructor will be present and he speaks all the above mentioned languagies.
The following program with advice, rules, guidance and informations will be reviewed during the instruction on the day of the course.

1. • Program of the day
2. • Raceway sketch
3. • The racingcars
4. • Driving technique and teamwork
5. • Security and responsibility

Security and rules:

All the cars are equipped with a 3 - or 4 point racing seatbelt, extingquisher, external main circuit, enhanced brakes.
All participants will be equipped with: FIA approved flameproofed racingsuit, shoes and helmet.
All participants will receive thorough instruction regarding: the cars interior, technical features, flagsymbols,
demarcation on the track, track drivingtechnique, ideal lines and brake points, rules for overtaking with formula
Reanult / Formula Opel/Lotus. Overtaking in Formula 1 is NOT permitted.

Driving rules on the track:
There must not be any racing with other participants. All flag signals and/or dircetions from instructors or flag marchals
must unconditional be respected, dangerous driving or provocative driving towards other participants are prohibited.
Any violation of the above mentioned will lead to immediate expulsion from the course.

General rules:

All driving on the track will be monitored by the instructors, alle participants must review instructions for driving
alone on the track, no participant may drive without wearing approved equipment, all participants must be aware of
the curretn selfrisk regarding any damage to the cars, all events implemented a close organized and tested program.
If it´s rain or other weather conditions and we assess that driving with the Formula 1 cars not is possible
will the rest of the course be held on a later date.
A new date can be arranged by concacting F1driving. The new course must be held not later that 12 months after
the originally date of the course.

Settlement of the course:

The hole team is divided into 4 teams with each own Formula Renault or Formula Opel/Lotus racecar.
Try to get together by yourself - primarily compared to height and stoutness.
When driving Formula Renault or Formula Poel/Lotus, it wil save time if yu help each other in and
out of the cars (fasten and loosen the seatbelt). It will help to keep a smooth flow.
After 3 - 5 labs the checked flag will be shown after which you complete the lab and go into the pit.
When the car is on the way into the pit, the next driver is ready to get into the car and the
rest of the team is ready to help the driver out of the car and the new driver into the car.

The instructor will during the race be present at the pit to help and reply to any questions you may have.

Before driving the Formula 1 car, there will be held a new driving and security instruction.
Change of the driver in the Formula 1 car is exclusively done by help form the instructor - and
the last instruction will be repeated.

All participants will please stay on the asphalt - all day, so that we don´t have to use time for
unnecessary time for salvaga, cleaning the cars, extraction from you wallet and in worst case,
some of you is expelled from the course.

The course and the event is build on an extreme and individual driving experience and we guarantee -
that you will never forget it!


In connection with driving on the on Hungaroring we have 6 flagmarchals, a rescue team and they are all
professionals and fulltime employed during the european Formula 1 Grand Prix´s.

1. • Checked flag: Complete the lab and drive into the pit.

1. • Yellow flag: obstacle on the track. Reduce your speed and be observant.

1. • Red flag:. obstacle on the track. Complete the lab and drive into the pit.

The yellow flag can also be your as a warning for example reckless driving and similar.
If you don´t follow the instructions the result will automatically be the red flag and the instructor
will decide the penalties.

Participants - physical requiremens:

To participate at the course common physics and full feaseibility in arms and legs.
If you have any doubts, give us a call.

Personal shortlist:
1. • Traveldocuments.
2. • Valid passport.
3. • Currency / creditcard.
4. • Camera, video and extra tape/disc or memorycard.
5. • Practical clothes and sho.
6. • Etc. beverage (There is spring water in the pit, soda etc. you can buy at the track).
7. • And above all - a good mood!.

Document regarding the responsibility for damage and expulsion of participants:

Attached document sent them as pre-briefing and will be distributed and reviewed by the
instructor in the theory of teaching. Subsequently, the document after having been signed, will be collected.
For any questions, please feel free to contact:

Instructor Tom Picano tlf. +45 40371188 or E-mail:

By signing this declaration, I confirm:

A - that the my driving in the vehicle made available by Johan Rajamäki Racing Experience is
my responsibility and that Johan Rajamäki and organizers of the course is otherwise not responsible
for the harm I might cause at myself, equipment and environment in general.

B - I agree to pay a self-risk amount of up to Euro 1.690, - if I by negligence is causing injury
to the Formula Renault or Formula Opel / Lotus car and up to Euro 4.050, - if I by negligence is
causing damage to the Formula 1 car. The settlement must obviously be in cash the same day, direct to Johan Rajamäki

C - the driving in the vehicles can only be justified if all the instructions are followed completely
and that Johan Rajamäki and organizers of the course, therefore, may expel a participant if his appearance and attitude
during the course suggests disrespect for the special hazards that driving in these vehicles triggers.

D - that an expulsion is final and there will be no refund of any kind if the participant is expelled.

My signature on this declaration confirms that I have read, understood and accepted the terms
points A, B, C and D.

Date: ______________ Name in block letters: ______________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________

      Anderstorp - Sweden
      Hungaroring - Hungary
      Guadix Circuit - Spain