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Anderstorp - Sweden

Facts about the track: Length 4025 meters
The course is divided into southern and northern part.
The southern part is 2000 meters long (red) and the north is 1800 meters long (green).
Course Licensing : FIA grade 2

Scandinavien Raceway is located outside Anderstorp in Småland and is the only racetrack in
Scandinavia built for Formula 1. The racetrack is well-liked by the drivers and is relatively
simple to run on. Driving takes place exclusively at the southern end of the racetrack.

Dates for events in 2012:

Please click at the Dates in the menu.

Safety equipment like helmet, racing suit, shoes, etc. are available at the track. If you want to use your own equipment, you are welcome to bring it. Lunch, coffee, etc. will be served at the track.

Program for the day:

08.00: F1driving Teamet welcomes the participants in the pit.
             Reviewing the schedule and udlevering of racing suit, helmet, etc.
08.30: Practical information about the track, ideal lanes, braking points etc. We drive out on the track and take a look.

09.00: Theory with the F1driving Teamet.
09.30: Warm-up and instruction regarding the Formel Opel/Lotus cars.
10.00: We start driving the Formula Opel/Lotus.
12.00: Lunch.
13.00: Instruction regarding the Formula 1 cars.
13.30: We start driving the Formula 1 cars.
17.00: Review of days events and the distribution of
F1 certificates to the participants.

Hotel Åsen:

We can recommend hotel Åsen which is located a few minutes drive from the track, it is a pleasant hotel with friendly staff.
See more at:

Prices :

Single room (standard) 2 x breakfast, 1 x lunch and 2 x dinner - per. day Euro 135,00
Double room (standard) (2 persons) 2 x breakfast, 1 x lunch and 2 x dinner per. person per. day Euro 110,00
Beverages is NOT included in lunch and dinnermenu.
Prices above is current if you book yourself and make a reference to when you book.
The prices are current only when you stay for 2 nights(arrival the day before the event and departure the day after the event).

Arrival at the hotels in the afternoon/dinner time. Welcome, dinner (maincourse) together with the other participants,
instruction/theory, socializing at the hotel. (There is ofcourse also instruction/Theory on the day of the event.
On event day: (Maincourse) together with the other participants, evaluation and socializing at the hotel restaurant.

Distance by car:
Helsingborg – Anderstorp app.. 190 km.
Gøteborg     – Anderstorp app. 130 km.
Varberg       – Anderstorp app. 110 km.
Malmø          – Anderstorp app. 250 km.
      Anderstorp - Sverige
      Hungaroring - Ungarn
      Guadix Circuit - Spanien