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If I arrange my trip to Budapest by myself, can I drive with F1driving Team to and from Hungaroring ?
Yes, you can. You just have to subscribe for the transfer and you must be at our hotel at 7.45 AM
in the morning because we leave our hotel by bus between 7.45 AM and 8.00 AM.

What about insurance - in worst case ?
If you have an accident on the track and injury yourself we donīt have any insurance that covers
any damage to you or the car. You have get informations from your own insurance company.

What if I do damage to the cars ?
There is no insurance on the cars. Youīll have to sign a statement, that if you make any damage
to the Formula Renault cars you vouch for a personal charge of maximum Euro 2.000,-.
The Formula Opel/lotus cars the amount is maximum Euro 1.665,-. The Formula 1 car the amount is
maximum Euro 4.000,-. If you listen to the instructions no damage will occur.

Can I bring my friend although heīs not gonna drive ?.
Yes, of course. You can bring 1,2 or 3 friends. You just have to inform us when you make the booking.

Do I get a confirmation regaring my booking ?
When we have received your reservation form you will receive a confirmation with payment instructions,
event program etc.
Why do you need my full name ?
If you book a flight through us, we need your full name as written in your passport.
It is important that the name on your flight ticket is exactly the same as your passport.
If itīs not spelled accurate you might have problems getting on the plane.
What if I get sick ?
If you get sick we can not refund your flight ticket, transfer, hotel etc. but we rebook the
driving to the next event.

What if itīs raining on the track ?
If itīs raining the day of the course we donīt drive at all.
We will of course rebook your driving for the next event but you have to pay again
for the flight ticket, hotel, transfer etc.
Nobody can control the weather - I wish I could !

My wife wants to go also, but she have second thoughts about driving af Formula 1 car ?
I thing most people have second thoughts about driving af Formula 1 car. Itīs naturally.
You can comfort her and tell her that I am sure she can drive a Formula 1 car.
Actually itīs not difficult to drive the car. She can decide herself how much she want to
press the accelerator. The experience will be there for sure.

Didnīt you get your question answered ? - sent an e-mail to: or call +4540371188.

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